Tuesday, September 28, 2010

glee... what else?

okay... so I'm obsessed. it's true. let me just explain...

Don't you wish you could sing and dance your way through the day? Don't you just wish you could sing... or dance? yeah I can't do either, but I love both so being able to tune into a tv show that offers me both of these things PLUS an attractive cast and hilarious writing... what could go wrong??

That being said... I must explain the picture. This was the 2nd time I met the cast... and while Cory (Finn) pretended to remember me... how sweet, ha... Dianna (Quinn) actually did. I know this because before I even started talking she said "wait.. we had lunch on set a couple months ago right??" yes. i almost died right there. hah.

Anywaaaaaayyyy... I have officially decided to start a Glee Club at the elementary school I work at. I think it will be really fun to get the kids singing and dancing.. My only concern being that they start to resemble the likes of KIDZ BOP....

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