Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brotherly Love

Today I'm babysitting 3 boys....  Luke (9), Landon (7), and Cooper (4)

We're doing a shooting contest and Luke goes first... He makes 13 baskets

Then Landon... He makes 12

Then Cooper... 14!!

Yes, the 4 year old made more shots...

then comes my turn.. as I round the 10 point marker... both older brothers run up to me and ask me to lose so that Cooper can win.

Is that not the cutest thing ever?? They are just so good to him... Anyways... I tied Luke at 14 and then airballed every other shot making Cooper the CHAMPIONNNNNNN.

He got to choose activity 2 for the evening. the "jumpy"... aka the trampoline. lol

Monday, October 4, 2010

So proud

So one of my best friends just got a great job and started today and I wanted to tell the world that I am proud of her and think she will do great....

unfortunately... as far as I know... only my cousin karen and my friend erinn read this, so.. karen, erinn... say YAY CASSIE... haha

anyways.. if anyone wants to comment on any of them or if you wanna give me a topic to ramble about... i will do it.. aha.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

so this kid...

so this kid jack... he comes up to me randomly on the yard last week and says "ms. irwin, do you ever wish you were a boy?" I immediately respond "no, why?" with a puzzle look on my face... he says "well i wish i was a girl... everything is easier for you people..."

now... why in some cases this is true... in others it isnt. some would say its even.. most would argue for their own gender... i however responded with what i felt was the biggest evidence making it easier for boys...

"but jack... boys can pee anywhere... we need a toilet but you... you can go in the bushes or whatever and its no big deal.."

jack: "true."

playing a song on repeat...

okay so some people won't relate to this... but something i LOVE doing is listening to a song i love over and over and over... right now I could like to "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars 50 times in a row...

some people may find this annoying... but to be honest... if you have a problem with it.. get out of my car. haha.

Here are some songs I've played on repeat recently:

Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
Empire State of Mind - Glee Cast
Do You Remember - Jay Sean
Forever - Chris Brown
Magic - B.o.B.
Like a G6 - Far East Movement

and I hate to admit it... but

U Smile - Justin Bieber

haha. i just lost some friends with that last one....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

glee... what else?

okay... so I'm obsessed. it's true. let me just explain...

Don't you wish you could sing and dance your way through the day? Don't you just wish you could sing... or dance? yeah I can't do either, but I love both so being able to tune into a tv show that offers me both of these things PLUS an attractive cast and hilarious writing... what could go wrong??

That being said... I must explain the picture. This was the 2nd time I met the cast... and while Cory (Finn) pretended to remember me... how sweet, ha... Dianna (Quinn) actually did. I know this because before I even started talking she said "wait.. we had lunch on set a couple months ago right??" yes. i almost died right there. hah.

Anywaaaaaayyyy... I have officially decided to start a Glee Club at the elementary school I work at. I think it will be really fun to get the kids singing and dancing.. My only concern being that they start to resemble the likes of KIDZ BOP....